Thursday, June 22, 2006


long time no see....
oh blog how i've missed you....

truth be told i have become one of the many bajillions who have entered the MySpace world.....
don't hate me....
i just got sucked in!

so you can find me more often on www.myspace.com/thtrqt and also www.myspace.com/circlethree
we have a few of our songs on the band site....

we're even playing a show tomorrow night in SHawpton.....

i miss you blog....

have to go to work now....

don't forget about me!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

hey guys... remember me?
i wonder if anyone actually checks this anymore....
i have actually tried to post on here several times but have been unsuccessful.... obviously.
my life has been quite hectic since September....
let's see if i can do a quick review.....
we had the rabbit.... the rabbit died a month later.... bad heart we think....
i started working full time at Staples....
still working at the shop.....
still doing stuff at the church.....
my little Grandmother passed away the day after thanksgiving.... she went to be with Jesus and Grampa..... that was hard for all of us....
Bubba and Boe got to come home for her funeral.....
Boe was here for Christmas.... not for long enough.....
i worked thru Christmas....
had New Years eve Lockout.... stayed up all night with 250 teenagers.... then went to work! fun
now we're midway thru January and i haven't had a day off since Christmas.... and i need to stop and catch my breath.... i think most of my friends think i'm dead....
nope just busy
Bill is now officially the music and youth leader at the church. that's exciting! he's really good at it.... the kids love him. they think he's just great. i think he's pretty swell too!
i am still madly in love.
Karlie is growing up way too fast...
Boe is a giant.

i think that about covers it!

i miss you all.
i made a new years resolution to keep in beter contact with my friends...
so if you haven't heard from me in a while.... never fear you will soon...
don't give up on me just yet!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

a bundle of joy....
we have officially welcomed in the newest member of our little family!
he's 6 weeks old and absolutely the cutest thing i've ever seen.
he's orange and his name is Squeaker!
he's a house rabbit. he runs/hops thru our living room at speeds you wouldn't believe.
he stands on his hind legs and watches us and moves his little nose constantly.

oh it really is that cute!

i'll have pictures up soon!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Happy Birthday !!!
to two of my favorite people that i don't get to see much anymore!
one was yesterday and one is today
of course i don't know which is which! hehe


i hope that you have a wonderful birthday!~
we need to do something~!
and i miss you!

i hope that you have a super birthday!
we should have lunch soon!
i miss you!

to everyone else who's birthdays i missed..... sorry.
i'm pretty terrible at birthdays!

ok peath out~

Thursday, September 01, 2005

so yesterday was not so good.
today is a new day!

i refuse to succumb to this.
i have absolutely no reason to be depressed!!!
i receive more blessings every day
than most people receive in their lifetime!
which may or may not be true.... but it's how i feel!

i forget so often to be thankful for the things that i have!
for the wonderful people in my life!
it's just easier to sink into the pit of dwelling on what we don't have!
feeling sorry for ourselves...
i refuse.
i have no right.
God has blessed me beyond measure...
blessed me far more than i deserve...

it's time for me to start giving back!

someone tell me what i can do!
i feel a very strong calling to do something
to help with this disaster in New Orleans!
can anyone tell me what do?
i am so clueless i don't even know where to look or who to call....
so i ask you...
my socially conscience friends...
what can i do to help?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

isn't it strange how you can wake up
and realize that your life is in a completely
different place than you've ever known.

it's that time of year again....

excuse me while i fall into a deep depression.
i'll be over it in a few weeks.

catch you on the other side!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What the...???!!!

she returns the the blog....

sorry for my abscence. just haven't been around a computer. funny huh? i even have a computer at work now... which is where i am right now... still can't seem to find the time to use it.
so i'm leaving again..... this afternoon. Family Vacation. one like my family has never had before.
the entire family is already there... Bill and me will join them this afternoon.
when i say entire family... i mean entire family....
my Mom and Dad.
Boe and Karlie.
Marty and Linda.
Michael, Tori, Mickey, Kari, Drew, Johnny, Tommy, and Danny.
Bill and Me....
that's a lot of folk.
we are only staying for 2 nights. they've been there since Monday and they're staying until saturday. we have to come back on Friday. b/c Boe is leaving Saturday morning...
i'm very sad about it.
he is turning into such a wonderful young man.... he's very polite... even at home. picks up after himself. most of the time i only have to ask once and he does whatever i ask. most of the time.
he's still a giant. he's standing at about 5' 11" now... about 225lbs... somewhere in there. he's solid... starts football again in a few weeks. maybe this year i'll get to see him play.
Karlie got back a few weeks ago. she's taller too. and starting to fill out in ways that i'm not entirely comfortable with. she's still just as sweet as ever. i hope she stays that way.

i feel like i've lost contact with most people .... i guess that happens when you work all the time.
it makes me sad tho. makes me feel like a bad friend.
so sorry guys.... i will try to be better.

that's all now.... apparantly i have to make another trip home b4 i pick Bill up from work.

i love you all!
catch you on the flip flop....
hopefully it won't be another month b4 i'm back!

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